WINNER: NODA Best Regional Drama 2010

WINNER: 2 Eagle Awards 2011 - 'Best Production' and 'Outstanding Achievement'

1789: A new world populated by liars, thieves, rapists and whores. Welcome to Australia. Let's play. From the extraordinary novel 'The Playmaker' by award-winning author Thomas Kenneally 'Our Country's Good' tells the true story of the first theatrical production staged in Australia - performed by convicts. Sydney 1789, Governor Phillip faces the challenges of building a new society out of bitter, resentful officers, and hundreds of thieves, pickpockets and murderers. In an effort to humanise the population, bring some culture to the colony, and provide alternative entertainment to public hangings, the progressive Governor decides to stage a play.


Cast and Creative Team

Aborigine / Cpt. Tench RM / Black Caesar | Phil Stanley
2nd Lt. Ralph Clark RM | Mik Horvath
Major Ross RM / Ketch Freeman | Richard Stevenson
Wisehammer / Governor Cpt. Phillip RN | Terry Stephenson
Liz / Meg / Lt Dawes | Sandy Lane
Sideway / Cpt. Collins RM / Ghost Handy Baker | Jason Parker
Mary Brenham | Claire Davies
Midshipman Harry Brewer / Cpt. Campbell RM | Toby Bradford
Dabby Bryant | Jane Bailey
Arscott / Lt. Johnston RM | Phil Simcox
Duckling / RevJohnson | Marie Stone

Director | Barry Taylor
Designer | Jon Crofts
Lighting Designer | Chris Poynter
Promotion | Phil Simcox & Marie Stone
Assistant Stage Manager | Becky Sandy
Set Building | Terry Stephenson
Original Music | Sue Stephenson
Production Co-ordinator | Trudy Taylor
Playwright | Timberlake Wertenbaker


"...this is a play that will certainly give you your money's worth..."

A very powerful thought-provoking production about life in the first penal colony in Australia in the 1780s. It deals with relationships of the officers and prisoners, and the values placed on human life in such a harsh environment. A forward looking Governor decides that to produce a play using the prisoners would help foster the co-operation and harmony in building up the colony.

Strong performances from Terry Stevenson, Toby Bradford and Mik Horvath led the way with Sandy Lane outstanding. The whole cast are deserving of praise for the way that they approached this play, all with remarkable attention to detail.

A functional set and good costumes made an excellent production. If you want a good evening’s entertainment then this is a play that will certainly give you your money’s worth.

Keith Scott-Savage | Wed 17th November 2010