"We're excited to announce that the 2019 Fourblokes production is Arthur Miller's classic A View From The Bridge, and that you could be part of it!

After last year's NODA award-nominated production of Far From The Madding Crowd, the Fourblokes team are presenting a stunning contemporary interpretation of this seminal American play.

Set in an Italian-American neighbourhood in Brooklyn in the 1950s, it tells the story of the Carbone family - Eddie, Beatrice and their niece Catherine. As Eddie takes in Beatrice's cousins from Italy, Marco and Rodolpho, the burgoening relationship between Catherine and Rodolpho troubles the hard-working docker Eddie in an unexpected way, setting off a chain of devastating events that will change all of them.

Performed later this autumn, the Fourblokes production team are on the lookout for new faces to bring this masterpiece to life. Our first audition evening takes place on Tuesday May 7 in Derby, with two further dates of the following Thursday and Tuesday for subsequent auditions.

If you're a talented actor or actress, and think you could fit one of the six male roles or two female roles, then message our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Fourblokes/ - or send an e-mail to contactus@fourblokes.com with your details and background, and we'll reply with background information and an audition extract for each character.

Fourblokes Theatre Company is excited to announce that we will very soon be auditioning for our latest project: ‘Macbeth’.

The production will be performed at The Rose Theatre, Chesterfield from Wednesday, 20th – Saturday, 23rd September, 2023. That’s five performances in total, with a matinee on the Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday April 16, from 6pm to 9pm, Tuesday April 18, from 8pm to 10pm, and Sunday April 23, from 6pm to 9pm, the Fourblokes Theatre production team will audition for the roles listed below.

All auditions will be at Studio 7, Horsley Woodhouse (Spitfire House, Lady Lea Ind. Est., Lady Lea Road, Horsley Woodhouse DE7 6AZ).

(All ethnicities and races are encouraged to attend. Equity/Non-Equity. No pay.)

  • Macbeth Brave soldier, married to Lady Macbeth; his ambition begins to run wild after hearing a prophecy by the Weird Sisters that he will be made King. Impetuous, passionate, susceptible to dreams of power and glory, he puts aside all morals in order to fulfil his ambitions. Deeply in love and connected to his wife, with whom he plots the murders of all who stand between himself and the crown.
  • Lady Macbeth Macbeth’s wife, poised, well bred, fiercely intelligent; ultimately a deeply ambitious woman who wants position and power, but later falls victim to guilt and madness over her complicity in plotting the murders of Duncan, Banquo and others. Deeply in love and passionately connected to her husband.
  • Weird Sisters Three beautiful (and ideally redhaired or blonde) women/girls, who ultimately plot mischief against Macbeth using charms, spells, and prophecies. Their predictions prompt him to murder Duncan, to order the deaths of Banquo and his son, and to blindly believe in his own immortality. The play leaves their true identity unclear. In some ways, they resemble the mythological Fates, who impersonally weave the threads of human destiny. Weird Sister 2 or 3 will double as Maidservant in the Macbeth castle.
  • Banquo Another brave soldier, friend to Macbeth’s, he is with Macbeth when the witches make their fateful prophecy that Macbeth will be King and that his (Banquo’s) heirs will be kings. His character is a stark contrast to Macbeth’s in that he chooses the path Macbeth does not: a path in which ambition does not lead to betrayal and murder. After Banquo is murdered by Macbeth’s henchmen, he returns as a ghost to rebuke Macbeth for his actions. Straightforward, clear, uncomplicated, upstanding.
  • King Duncan The King who is brutally murdered by Macbeth. A strong and just ruler and a figure of indisputable authority. Generous with praise for Macbeth and Banquo, who have fought bravely for him. Requires an experienced and flexible actor, as the director would like to double this role with the hugely contrasting Porter role. [See below.] Plus, ideally, this same actor will also play the Doctor.
  • The Porter A strange comic presence. A drinker, he’s a caretaker at Macbeth’s castle who must answer the castle door in the middle of the night. Requires real ability to perform broad comedy and be able to work an audience with confidence. Will double as Duncan and The Doctor.
  • Macduff Powerful, vital soldier, who mistrusts Macbeth and his rise to the throne, even before Macbeth arranges the murder of Macduff’s wife and child. A formidable and worthy opponent, he leads the movement to remove Macbeth from the throne, in order to avenge the death of his family and to put the rightful heir on the throne. Athletic and fierce. Stage weapon experience preferred.
  • Malcolm The eldest son of Duncan and heir to the throne, we need to be able to see him initially as an attractive and somewhat inexperienced young man, with a reserved air of mystery about him. Eventually, he will ascend to the throne and should seem like he belongs there. Ideally requires a sensitive, young lead actor of great potential and star quality.
  • Fleance Banquo’s son, who survives Macbeth’s attempt to murder him. Small but highly significant role.
  • Angus A Scottish nobleman, serves Duncan and later Macbeth, because he must, but comes to understand Macbeth’s moral corruption. In the meantime, serves as a kind of audience guide or narrator – in partnership with Ross; often bearing difficult news. Subsequently joins with Macduff and Malcolm to remove Macbeth from the throne.
  • Ross A nobleman, serves Duncan and supports Macbeth initially, though he too comes to understand Macbeth’s moral corruption. As with Angus, the two of them at times act as quasi narrators.
  • 2 Murderers Dangerous, volatile, a terrifying pair of criminals conscripted by Macbeth to murder Banquo, Fleance (whom they fail to kill), and Macduff’s wife and child. Both actors would need to double as Scottish Soldiers 1/2, Ghost Soldiers 1/2 and English Soldiers 1/2.
  • Lady Macduff Macduff’s wife and mother of their young son/daughter. Warm, poised, and strong, she clearly loves her child, with whom she has a great rapport. Our hearts should ache to see them both murdered. This actor will ideally also double as Gentlewoman (Speaking) and Clan Member 4. (Non-speaking)
  • Macbeth’s Dead Child/Child Weird Sister/Macduff Child Significant triple role for a talented and confident child actor. The first role is (obviously) non-speaking, but the other two roles are very important speaking roles, with much contrast between the two. Also, for info, the Child Weird Sister does become another member of the Weird Sister family. It may be necessary to appoint two child actors to share the production week workload.
  • Sergeant Scottish soldier, wounded and gnarly; seen it all. Doubles as English Soldier 4. (Non-speaking)
  • Man-at-Arms Partner to the Sergeant; needs to be confident, likable & cocky. Doubles as Young Siward (Speaking) and Thane 3 (Non-speaking). Athletic.
  • Young Soldier Brilliant role for a young actor of potential; visually charismatic, many edgy moments; doubles as Clan Member 3, Thane 2, and English Soldier 3.
  • Priest Largely non-speaking but lots of stage action as would be required to double as Clan Member 2, Attendant, and Ghost Soldier 3.
  • Messenger This is a small but important speaking role and it doubles with non-speaking roles as Soldier 3, Clan Member 1, and Thane 1.

The cast is 21 strong. The director’s adaption of the script is very different to the original, so don’t waste time researching full copies of Shakespeare’s text. Some characters have been omitted and their lines allocated to other roles. Some scenes are edited. Many innovations will become apparent. For the audition(s), please focus on the extracts below. Full script versions will be available to all after auditioning is complete.

Fourblokes Theatre expects the highest level of commitment and dedication to each new project, and only people interested in excellence need apply.

Please don’t seek an audition if you just want to gain audition experience, or if you know you are unavailable. We appreciate everyone’s time and effort, and we expect the same in return.

Cast members will be expected to make every effort to attend all rehearsals.

Regular rehearsals will be Tuesday nights from 8.00pm – 10.00pm & Sundays from 6.00pm – 8.00pm, all at Studio 7.

We’ve selected a short extract from the script for each of the roles up for grabs, download these below.

You certainly don’t need to learn it and if you’re happy to ‘cold read’ then just confirm beforehand that you intend to attend and turn up on one of the audition slots.

If you would like to audition, please contact the director (Barry Taylor) at barrytaylor9@msn.com, or if you prefer, please email the production manager (Phil Simcox) at phil.simcox@yahoo.co.uk to confirm your intention to attend.

Either way you can also request any guidance you need for your choice of role.