WINNER: NODA Best Regional Drama 2011

Performed November 2011


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Facing a lengthy stretch at a prison work farm, boisterous, brawling bad boy, Randall P. McMurphy, feigns mental illness and is transferred to a psychiatric hospital. Confronted by a cruel regime, he challenges the tyrannical, ice-cold Nurse Ratched, and manages to bring laughter and liberation into the lives of his fellow inmates by opening their minds to the power of revolution.

This uprising soon develops into an all-out war between staff and patients, in a strugglefor the freedom of the ordinary man.

Funny, shocking and profoundly moving, this play is one of the classics of American drama, and an enduring story of one individual's struggle against the system. 





Chief Bromden Phil Stanley

Aide Williams Mik Horvath

Aide Warren | Marie Stone

Nurse Ratched | Sandy Lane

Nurse Flinn | Gemma Blake

Dale Harding | Ian Jones

Billy Bibbit | Ross Lowe-Sims

Cheswick | Ron Frost

Scanlon | Terry Stephenson

Martini | Stephen Lee-Rees

Ruckly | Heath Parkin

Randle P. McMurphy | Jason Parker

Dr Spivey | Craig Bridges

Aide Turkle | Gary Lever

Candy Starr | Laura Fovargue

Sandra / Nurse Pilbow | Lucy Heath



Director Barry Taylor

Set Designer | Terry Stephenson

Costume Designer | Kirsty Brammer

Assistant Director | Lucy Heath

Lighting Designer | Stephen Greatorex

Sound Designer | Barry Taylor

Production Graphics | Marie Stone

Company Stage Manager | Phil Simcox

Assistant Stage Manager | Adam White

Props Manager | Mik Horvath

Photography | Kevin Lane

Playwright | Dale Wasserman
(based on the novel by Ken Kesey)








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