Performed November 2016 & January 2017


The Ladykillers

Criminal mastermind, Professor Marcus, and his gang of oddball villains posing as musicians, meet their match when they take up residence in the top floor room of Mrs Wilberforce's dilapidated house. A convenient location to plan their heist, they figure their sweet-matured old landlady will be easily hoodwinked. But beneath her demure exterior, Mrs Wilberforce is made of sterner stuff and, with just her parrot, General Gordon, for moral support, she turns the tables on the bogus quartet.

Based on the much-loved Ealing Comedy, this award-winning stage adaptation by Graham Linehan, fizzes with fun. 





Professor Marcus Mik Horvath

Mrs Wilberforce Sandy Lane

Harry Robinson | Ben Sherwin

'One-Round' Lawson | Phil Stanley

Major Claude Courtney | Steve Dunning

Louis Harvey | Adam Guest

Constable MacDonald | Phil Simcox

Mrs Tromleyton | Verna Bayliss

The 'Old Ladies' | Marie Stone, Matt Powell & Maureen Tierney



Director Barry Taylor

Set Construction Manager | Chris Bancroft

Lighting Designer | Stephen Greatorex

Sound Design | Barry Taylor

Sound | Harry Greatorex

Production Manager | Phil Simcox

Company StageManager | Lucy Young

Wardrobe Props Manager | Marie Stone

Production Assistant Director |
Verna Bayliss

Production Assistants | Matt Powell & Maureen Tierney

Production Graphics | Marie Stone

Playwright | Graham Linehan



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