WINNER: NODA Best Regional Drama 2015

Performed November 2015


All My Sons

The story of All My Sons concerns a decision made by Joe Keller, whose company manufactures parts of aircraft engines, both to allow a batch of faulty cylinder heads to be supplied to the Army Air Force and to allow his partner to take moral and legal responsibility for this.  Joe goes free on appeal; his partner (Steve Deever) goes to prison.

Meanwhile, one of his sons, Larry, goes missing in the war, a fact that the boy's mother, Kate, will not acknowledge, while the other, Chris, returns from the war and, after a time decides to propose to Larry's fiancee, Ann Deever, Steve's daughter.

Not everyone has forgotten the court case and as the play unwinds, so suppressed anxieties and concealed truths work their way to the surface. 





Kate Keller Verna Bayliss

Lydia Lubey Gemma Blake

Chris Keller | Thomas Farthing

Joe Keller | Jeff Foster

George Deever | Adam Guest

Jim Bayliss | Mik Horvath

Ann Deever | Emily Marshall-Sims

Frank Lubey | Ben Sherwin

Sue Bayliss | Marie Stone

Bert | Billy Sweet



Director Barry Taylor

Set Construction | Chris Bancroft

Company Stage Manager | Lucy Young

Sound Design | Barry Taylor

Wardrobe & Props Manager | Marie Stone

Production Manager | Phil Simcox

Lighting Designer | Stephen Greatorex

Assistant Sound | Harry Greatorex

Production Graphics | Marie Stone

Photography | Chris Clarke

Chaperones | Lloyd & Kerry Sweet

Playwright | Arthur Miller








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