WINNER: NODA Best Regional Drama 2014 

WINNER: Of 2 Eagle Awards 2015 (Best Play and Best Actor) 

Performed November 2014


The History Boys

An unruly bunch, funny sixth formers in pursuit of sex, sport and a prestigious place at Oxford or Cambridge, go on a journey of educational discovery and rite of passage. 





Hector Terry Stevenson

Felix Armstrong Mik Horvath

Stephen Irwin  | Thomas Farthing

Mrs Dorothy Lintott  | Verna Bayliss

Stanley Wilkes  | Adam Guest

Fiona Proctor  | Emily Marshall-Sims

Adi Akhtar  | Sanjay Rai

Chris Crowther  | Kheenan Jones

Stuart Dakin  | Joseph Riley

James Lockwood  | Harry Smith

David Posner  | Matt Powell

Peter Rudge  | Ben Sherwin

Donald Scripps  | Harry Gibson

Richard Timms  | Oliver Turner



Director Barry Taylor

Set Designer | Terry Stevenson

Company Stage Manager | Lucy Young

Associate Director | Joe Bancroft

Props & Costume Manager | Marie Stone

Associate Producer | Phil Simcox

Video Sequences | Graham Forde

Lighting Designer | Stephen Greatorex

Sound | Harry Greatorex

Production Graphics | Marie Stone

Photography | Chris Clarke

Choreography 'Wish Me Luck' |
Trudy Taylor

Playwright | Alan Bennett




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