NOMINATED FOR THE: NODA Best Regional Drama Award 2012

Performed November 2012


The Memory of Water

On the eve of their mother's funeral three sisters reunite.

As the conflicts of the past converge, lies and tensions reveal the long buried conflicts and strains of this family's relationships.  The combination of quarrels over the funeral arrangements, well-worn family roles, their unsatisfactory men and mixed memories of a highly feminine working-class mother are hilarious.




Vi Hilary Leam

Mary Sheridan Halton

Teresa | Marie Stone

Catherine | Laura Fovargue

Mike | Stephen Lee-Rees

Frank | Mik Horvath



Director Barry Taylor

Set Designer / Builder | Terry Stevenson

Set Artist | Sue Stevenson

Costume Designer | Kirsty Brammer

Lighting Designer | Stephen Greatorex

Sound Designer | iBAT Sounds

Production Graphics | Marie Stone

Stage Manager | Phil Simcox

Deputy Stage Manager | Heath Parkin

Assistant Stage Manager | Lucy Heath

Props Manager | Mik Horvath

Photography | Kevin Lane & Marie Stone

Playwright | Shelagh Stephenson





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